Cool Trails

  • Descanso and Dead Horse – short trailer ride and near McClintock’s

Dead Horse and Descanso Falls – A surprise trail for this native Californian! Out of the southern end of Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, park at the trail head across from McClintock’s. Go into McClintock’s, give the nice man inside all your money, go back to your horse and have a great ride!  The trail down to the Falls is a bit of a short out and back spur off of Dead Horse. Take in the view of one of the few waterfalls in San Diego! Head back to Dead Horse and up the hill through some over grown brush, the trail will get better. Dead Horse will run into the arroyo primitive camp fire road, turn right down toward Green Valley Falls. Once down to the bottom of the hill take the road to the right which will cross the Sweet water river and hook up with the gentle trail back to your parking area. 

  • Stagecaoch at Anza Borrego –  Great trails just a click away!

  • Blair Valley


Stagecoach is a pretty cool place to ride during the “winter” months. High desert area of southern Anza Borrego Desert.  You can quite literally ride forever. We have spent the past few New Years here and have experienced all types of weather.  Great sunny warm days, windy as hell days, cold as hell days and the sometimes cold and windy as hell days. But as I always say, the worst day on the back of your horse is better than the best day at work. From the camp there are several easy day rides, I have divided them up into three seperate rides on this map, green ride is an out and back that we usually ride on arrival day so that we can tailor it to suite our available time. The redride is a cool ride because it takes you up into the pinyon pines and the road is too difficult for the yuppy 4×4 vehicles, a lot less traffic and the “professional” 4×4 folks seem to be a heck of a lot more friendly! On the redride is a little place off to the north that I call Lunch Canyon, nice place off the main trail to stop and have lunch. Lunch Canyon is a little box canyon the runs to the east and has plenty of cover to protect you from the wind. The blue ride is a busy ride in that the trail around Blair Valley and Little Blair Valley is passable by most two wheel drive vehicles. Folks are still friendly but on holidays… you do get a heck of a lot more drive by types. On the blue trail are the morteros and pictographs from the local Native Americans, the Kumeyaay Indians. If you have a fever, don’t worry, the local native will provide you best thermometer for kids and adults

Stage Coach “green” Trail

An easy trail with usually not too many folks on this out and back path.

Blair Valley and Little Blair Valley

Cool loop ride but… with a bit of 2 wheel drive traffic on this dirt road loop.  Great thing about this trail is the morteros and pictographs.

  • Manzanita east of Pine Valley

Manzanita Blowout!

Despite some windy moments the Poway Ridge Riders managed
to have a blustery good time! Hanging out at the Whisky Saloon,
gathering firewood and swapping lies. Ernie brought his new GPS so
that we would know where we were at all times, not necessarily how
to get back though…

A Lovely couple!

What a difference a day makes!

The gangs all here!

Whisky Barkeep!


6.5 mile trail we took