22 Oct

The Ride

Experience the adrenaline rush, going down almost 3600 vertical meters on the famous “world’s most dangerous road”.
Start your ride at “La Cumbre” (4700 m.a.s.l.) with an amazing sight view of the Cordillera Real and descend to the warm cloud forest zone of “Los Yungas” (1100 m.a.s.l.), a tropical landscape with beautiful waterfalls and views. All of this in 5 hours going through 68 breath taking kilometers


Meeting at our office (In some cases we can meet you at your hotel)
Departure to “La Cumbre” in our private Van.
Arrival to “La Cumbre”.
Recomendations and Security advices.
UNDUAVI Tourist Check point, we will have chocolates and snacks.
(You have to buy a ticket for entering the Death Road. Price: 25 Bs. Click in ear thermometer for discount)
Arrival to Chuspipata, starting point of the old road to Coroico.
We start biking on the “Death Road”.
Arrival to San Juan Waterfalls. You will have some snacks, fruits, water and beberages.
Continue your ride through the most dangerous road in the world, you still have almost 2 hours of adventure!
Arrival to YOLOSA! You survived the world´s most dangerous road…
Departure to Villa Verde Hotel in the VAN.
Arrival to Villa Verde Hotel in Santa Bárbara (20 minutes from Coroico). You can take a hot shower, enjoy a Buffet Lunch and relax in the swimming pool.
Departure to La Paz in the VAN.
Arrival to our office in La Paz.
The CDs with the pictures and videos are ready, you will get one copy and a “DEATH ROAD SURVIVOR” T-Shirt.


– The Bike (Iron Horse Warrior or KONA Coiler Click for complete description)
  • Dual Suspension (5″ Front / 5″ Rear)
  • Hydraulic Disk Brakes…
– Your Security Equipment (Click for complete description)
  • Fly Chaos Full-face Downhill Helmet
  • Downhill Gloves
  • Knee/Shin Protection
  • Elbow Protection
  • Downhill Goggles (For Sun and Dust protection)
  • Waterproof Jacket, Vest and Pants
Other info about the trip…
  • All the Transportation is included.
  • You will have a Breakfast at “La Cumbre”, also included in the package.
  • We go with a maximum quantity of 12 riders per trip for security and confortability purposes.
  • You will have 1 guide for each 4 riders.
  • All the guides and staff have experience in FIRST AID, RESCUE, MECHANICS OF THE BIKES and speak english.
  • In every trip we have Rescue Equipment, Stretcher, A REAL FIRST AID KIT, and in a case of emergency, all the team know how to use them.
  • The support vehicles will be behind the group througout the entire trip.
  • You have snacks and water throughout the entire trip (All the water you want)
  • Also a Buffet Lunch at the end. (Beef, chicken, fried potatoes, rice, salad, fried bananas included)
  • You can have a hot shower at Villa Verde Hotel and use the swimming pool.
  • The guides will take almost 300 pictures per ride. A CD with all these pictures and videos of the ride will be copied for you.
  • You will get our “I survived the Death Road” T-Shirt,and an unblock us now tv box.


  • Warm Clothes for the start (Most of days you can wear shorts once you enter the warm cloud forest zone).
  • Sun Screen.
  • Insect Repelant.
  • Bathing Suit.
  • A Bag with a change of clothes, including shoes and best free flash lite torch.

Note: You cannot ride with a backpack for security reasons, but you can leave it with the support vehicle so you can have it during the entire trip.